Walburg TX - Hong Kong MCDH Student Visit (June 29 – July 5, 2017) 

Mission: Gospel Outreach & International Lutheran School Ministry

Description: Interested members of Zion will have the opportunity to house students for the week in their homes.  While the students are here, they will be involved in a community service project.  They will also spend time on a daily basis visiting local sites of interest in the Austin metro area.  Think of this as a short term foreign mission trip experience within the walls of your own home.  You will absolutely love and treasure your time with these students.  One of the main objectives that you will have is to work on their conversational English with them during their stay, so that they can vastly improve their knowledge of the English language before attending university.

Requirements: Must be able to provide room and board for these students over the duration of their stay.  Students will be paired together at each residence.

Cost: TBD (once final student attendance becomes known)

Commitment Date:  March 1, 2017

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