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Q. What is a Capital Stewardship Campaign?

A Capital Stewardship Campaign is a three-year plan of sacrificial giving above and beyond normal tithing or giving levels to accomplish Zion’s specific plans and goals. 

Q. How does a Capital Stewardship Campaign work?

Under the direction of Pastor John Kieschnick and the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, a leadership team of Zion members has been recruited and this team will be asking individuals and families to prayerfully consider this campaign to best determine how they might be able to support the plan through sacrificial giving over a three-year period. “Commitment Pledges” will be asked for during the campaign.

Q. What is the purpose of the Capital Stewardship Campaign?

The Strategic Planning Committee has sought input from Zion members to determine our most immediate needs as well as the church’s long-term goals and through these efforts, a Master Plan was developed. To accomplish these immediate needs, a campaign goal of $3.5 million has been set. Zion has a rich history of financial responsibility and low indebtedness. In order to maintain that financial responsibility, raising the funds before any financial commitments is most prudent.

Q. How did the Strategic Planning Committee determine the priority for Phase 1?

The goal of the Master Plan was to be a plan for Zion by the people of Zion. The strategic planning committee launched this project with the goal of being transparent, having effective communication, and allowing opportunities for the congregation to provide feedback. In 2013 Zion worked with Heimsath Architects to develop a Master Plan that focused on ministry, staffing and facility’s needs. Multiple surveys, congregation forums, a full-day retreat, meetings with church and school leaders, and work groups were all elements included in the Master Plan process. During and upon completion of the Master Plan process, the strategic planning committee held six Q & A sessions during Bible Study hour, conducted a follow-up survey in October 2014, and presented updates at eight Voters’ meetings. The top three priorities of Phase 1 (multi-use classroom, additional parking and sanctuary/narthex expansion) were consistently at the top of the list during the information-gathering phase.

Q. What exactly will the $3.5 million be used for?

This initial investment of $3.5 million, which is Phase I of the Master Plan, will allow for the addition of a new multi-use classroom to be built at the end of the current classroom wing. This large classroom will be equipped with sinks and storage to accommodate art and science classes with approximately 1,800 square feet. Phase 1 also adds approximately 50,000 square feet of new parking, new drives and site work. Lastly, it will allow us to expand and enhance the narthex within the current structure, expand and enhance the sanctuary with an addition to the west, complete an expanded new entry and a new enlarged sacristy with the addition of approximately 5,000 square feet.

Q. Why do we need to increase classroom and worship space when our school enrollment is down and the church isn’t full?

The population of Williamson County, and especially Georgetown, is growing at a phenomenal rate. Our population is expected to be as many as 250,000 by 2040. Both the church and school need to be ready to reach out to welcome and minister to this anticipated growth. Due to the school receiving more interest from local families along with increased new student enrollment and additional programs being offered, the school will need to add more classroom space to meet these demands.

Q. What are the detailed architectural specifications for the Phase 1 projects?

Zion will engage an architect and receive additional congregational feedback on the needs of the enhanced facilities prior to finalizing detailed architectural specifications. Feedback from the congregation will be vital to ensure the proper planning of details of the construction in Phase 1.

Q. What if the financial goal is not met?

We believe that God has a plan for Zion and through Him all things are possible. If the goal of $3.5 million is not met, the Strategic Planning Committee will come back to the members of Zion asking for input on which enhancements and construction projects should proceed in the near term while staying within our financial means.

Q. Why is the focus on facilities and not ministry?

The Master Plan had a three-pronged approach of addressing ministry, staffing and facilities. Ministry at Zion is alive and well with many of the flock involved in local, regional and international ministries. The Stewardship Team and Ministry Board have detailed plans to expand Zion’s opportunities to serve those around us and ultimately bring more folks to know and love Jesus Christ. Everything we do on the Hilltop is about mission and ministry, and the current feedback from the congregation highlights facility enhancements are needed to be at our best in service and ministry.

Q. Who can participate in the campaign?

Everyone can participate, both Zion members and friends of Zion.

Q. Who will benefit from this capital campaign?

Walburg, Williamson County and the World! All who are members now, future members, our school children now and those to follow will reap the benefits. Adding to and enhancing our facilities will allow us to invite many more to learn of Jesus our Savior in our rapidly expanding “neighborhood.”

Q. Are there ways I can participate other than financial support?

Yes, definitely! First of all, you can pray for the Lord’s help and guidance as you and all of Zion work for a successful campaign. Second, you may choose to contribute items such as stocks and bonds, life insurance policies, works of art, jewelry, coin or stamp collections, construction materials and services. The possibilities are endless. Let the Lord lead you.

Q. How do I decide how much to contribute?

Ask God for guidance through prayer. Your gift should be a sacrifice, not a burden, and made in faith with a willing heart.

Q. What if my financial circumstances change?

You can adjust your commitment at any time.

Q. How do I contribute - once a week, once a month, or once a year?

You determine the timing and frequency of your financial support. Special offering envelopes will be provided for your use. You may also contribute through regular automatic bank drafts or online. Visit Zion’s website ( and click on “Resources” and “Donate.”

Q. Can my children participate in this campaign?

Absolutely! We pray that all people of all ages, including children, use this campaign to grow in their stewardship lives. We will definitely have opportunities for children to contribute and be a part of this campaign.

Q. What is the long-term debt at Zion?

Zion has no long-term debt.

Q. What are the key dates of the Campaign?

Sunday, April 19 - Vision Sunday

Pastor John and Lynn will share their stewardship story and congregation members will receive information packets about the campaign.

Sunday, May 17 - Commitment Celebration

Join us for a huge, single-service Sunday as we place our commitments before the Lord and then following the service for a celebration to give thanks for God’s leading and provision. We will enjoy a meal as a congregation, and we will have a variety of program activities for adults, youth and children as part of this celebration.

Sunday, June 7 - First Fruits Offering

This Sunday, we will bring forward the largest gift, and it is then that we can jump-start campaign giving. This is often the single largest offering the church has ever received.

Q. When will construction start?

Construction will not begin until the capital campaign commitments are made, and building and financial plans have been brought to voters for approval.



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