Religion // more info

The religion curriculum is present in all subjects throughout the day.

Science // more info

The science curriculum emphasizes a hands-on approach and focuses on the scientific method.

Social Studies // more info

The social studies curriculum at Zion connects the past to the present and the local to the global.

Spanish // more info

Spanish is taught twice a week in grades K through eight.

Art // more info

Through art education, students are exposed to a variety of mediums and methods which allow students to express themselves creatively.

Music // more info

Students are taught to appreciate music and the basic elements of music education.

Physical Education // more info

Students receive formal instruction in physical education, health, and nutrition five times a week by our physical education teachers.

Language Arts // more info

The language arts curriculum focuses on phonetic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and inquiry skills.

Mathematics // more info

The math curriculum at Zion teaches students skills which they can transfer to real life.

Champions for Christ // more info

The Champions for Christ curriculum at Zion teaches students the foundational building blocks to becoming a champion for Christ.

The understanding and use of technology is essential for students to be successful as 21st century learners. Technology is a strength at Zion Lutheran School. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade attend computer classes twice a week in a state-of-the-art iMac computer lab. All students also receive instruction on Internet searches and how to protect themselves from cyber bullying.

Technology allows teachers to present materials in visual, audio, and interactive formats and is incorporated into each lesson as deemed appropriate by each teacher. The computer teacher and the classroom teacher find programs that not only reinforce concepts that are being taught in the classroom but also teach computer skills the students need to refine. For example, our third grade class might be working on division in math at the same time a division game is being played in computer class.

All classrooms are equipped with Mimio TeachTM or Smart BoardsTM technology with projectors in all classrooms. Document cameras, a laptop cart, and iPads are other resources that are used daily to make learning come alive for our students.