We are committed to creating Christ-centered ministries around a process that CONNECTS people to God and others, that GROWS people in faith and knowledge of God and His Word, and SERVES others in the name of Jesus Christ.


We commit to CONNECT with God in our personal life and His people in corporate worship and prayer.


We commit to GROW with other Christians by spending time in God's Word.


We commit to SERVE within Zion Lutheran and in God's world by using our gifts and talents for God and others.

Zion is committed to CONNECTing people with God, GROWing disciples for Jesus, and SERVing the world through (1) sharing biblical grace centered teaching, (2) exemplifying courageous faith, (3) empowering servant leadership, (4) remaining family focused, (5) conducting inspiring worship, (6) igniting passionate spirituality, (7) encouraging bold prayer, (8) and establishing a missional mindset within each disciple.

Zion Lutheran Church is affiliated with The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.