Zion is a family of believers who seek to “Go and Make Disciples” who make disciples.  The DNA of our mission emphasis is centered upon long-term Gospel outreach and replication of discipleship.  We believe the call of Jesus is to be missionaries in our everyday life locally, nationally, and internationally.

As of now, we are actively serving all around our local community and county.  This year, we are commissioning our high-school aged students to serve in areas affected by Hurricane Harvet.  We want to continue supporting the needs of those living in communities where disasters and crises have occurred.  Internationally, we are active in serving Costa Rica, Haiti, Belize and Kenya.  We are always seeking to build upon and develop more opportunities for sharing the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

If you feel called by God to join one of these mission endeavors, please speak with a Zion staff member and let us press onward together in our pursuit of joining Jesus on His mission daily!